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My photography journey started at aged 4, sat on a rickety wooden chair, in a matching stripy number my mum picked out for me, at a studio somewhere in London where I took my first self-portrait (see right). If someone had told 4-year-old me that 30 years later he would be building this website and writing a bio, he probably would have giggled and said, ‘I’m going to buy tractors, not cameras!’

At 14, I got my first SLR camera with film. Digital hadn’t taken off and I didn’t want it to! I loved developing photos in my uncle's darkroom and handing friends' physical photos of special moments. I studied analogue photography and got ready to take my work professional. One year of paid jobs later, the pressure of digital photography made the photography that I created impossible to price and sustain. I got a job in an office I hated and stayed put for 12 years. 

18 months ago, my partner asked me ‘why don’t you just quit your job, study, and take photos?’. It is moments like this, that change everything. As a photographer, I capture moments. Moments you planned, moments you didn’t, moments you won’t realise were pivotal until you see them years later, moments that last. So, let’s meet for a coffee and discuss the moments that have changed your course. The moments that have led to you looking for a photographer to capture the next ones.

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